About Us - Sunny Stores

About Sunny Stores

Founded in 2018, Sunny Stores is a consumer electronics retailer based in Egypt. Initially targeting online customers through popular platforms such as Souq (Amazon), Jumia, Btech and Noon, we have expanded our outreach with our own website and Social media presence. We take pride in offering innovative, high-quality electronic products that aim to enhance our customers' lives, while maintaining a cost-optimizing policy for the best value.

Our commitment to excellent customer experience is showcased through our "Online Warranty" service. This hassle-free experience allows customers to avoid visiting service centers by sending a representative to replace defective items directly at their doorsteps. With a return rate of less than 0.5%, our focus on quality is evident.

At Sunny Stores, we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers and become their trusted partner for all consumer electronics needs. Our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading consumer electronics brand in Egypt, known for our warmth and relentless pursuit of excellence.

With plans to expand into the manufacturing sector for consumer electronics, we are excited about our Matrix brand, which aims to set the benchmark for quality and innovation, becoming the go-to choice for smartphone users and sellers across Egypt.

Our strong company culture is centered around our mission, vision, and values, including customer-centricity, innovation, quality, integrity, and growth & development. Despite facing challenges due to the economic situation in Egypt, our difficulties have motivated us to transition to the manufacturing sector with more favorable governmental limitations.